Tropical Parcels, LLC.

Tropical Parcels LLC.

Tropical Parcels, LLC. was founded by Maximiliano Lemura in 2020. We sell and develop land across Florida.

We believe in the value of real property and want to help our customers find the right land to meet their future plans.


Florida land for sale

We are able to sell our land at deeply discounted prices compared to similar land in the area. We frequently sell on owner financing or offer flexible payment plans. Please contact us if you require more information.

Florida, Highlands, 2200 Iris Ave (0.30)
  • Down Payment$500
  • Cash Price$16,000
  • Financing Terms$300/70 Months
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Florida, Highlands, 6609 Olga Ave (0.90)
  • Down Payment$500
  • Cash Price$16,000
  • Financing Terms$300/70 Months
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Florida, Polk, 0 Ixora Dr (0.50)
  • Down Payment$750
  • Cash Price$21,000
  • Financing Terms$350/80 Months
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Florida, Charlotte, 14343 King Phillip CT, Placida (Beachside) (0.25)
  • Down Payment$1,500
  • Cash Price$26,000
  • Financing Terms$400/80 Months
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Florida, Highlands, 249 Rainbow Dr (0.24)
  • Down Payment$500
  • Cash Price$16,000
  • Financing Terms$300/70 Months
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Florida, Highlands, 121 Briarpatch Dr (0.30) Corner Lot- Mobil Home (T.H.)
  • Down Payment$1,000
  • Cash Price$19,000
  • Financing Terms$400/68 Months
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Land is a Safe Investment


With the stock market and traditional means of investing experiencing tumultuous returns, you may feel anxious about the health of your investments.

Or, maybe you don’t like the idea of letting “big banks” keep your life savings with very little to no returns. In times like these, it can be a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio to include more “non-traditional” forms of investments. For many investors, their first investments outside of the stock market is traditional real estate. Sometimes, this can feel too daunting, or entirely unattainable. especially with high up front capital. That is where land comes in, with down payments and monthly payments as low as $250, you can pay off your property in anywhere from 6 months, to 6 years. Over the years, there has been an increasing amount of investors accruing in more and more vacant land.

We don’t want you to miss out!

Why is land the safer investment? It is permanent, they aren’t making more of it, and when purchased at the right price, land can appreciate in value more than you ever dreamed of. Whether you are looking to diversify your portfolio with a stable investment, a place to build your dream home, have your own place to get away from it all, Or simply leave it as a legacy for you children– I have the land for you. I invest solely in counties with steady growth, that I personally think we will see explode with growth in the coming years. I wouldn’t ask you to invest anywhere that I do not personally invest in.

One of the benefits you get from working with me, is that you have the luxury of working directly with the owner–no banks, no credit checks. I can also offer creative financing options, provide cash discounts, and am even open to trades. try me!

The only risk is not acting soon enough. So what are you waiting for? 

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433 Central Ave  STE 400

St petesburg, FL 33701

[email protected]

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