How Financing Works Making Land Ownership a Reality

How Financing Works Making Land Ownership a Reality

No Credit Check
No Application
Get Approved Fast

Tell us what you can afford.

Topical Parcels, LLC offers simple owner financing without credit checks or applications. Tell us what you can afford and we will take the time to work with you to find the payment and the term length that you can afford.

Trying to figure out the monthly payment of a property?:

Any listed price you see, is the cash “discounted” price. On top of that, we would add a fixed fee, per year for owner financing; generally less than $40 a month

  1. Subtract your desired down payment (as low as $250!) from the principal “cash” balance to get your loan amount. 
  2. To get your monthly payments, divide by the number of months that you would like to pay the property off. 
  3. There are no hidden fees: We add $10 a month as a note processing fee and add in a prorated annual tax, based on your property’s annual property tax rate (generally $30). 

Unlike traditional loan services, there is NO penalty for paying your loan off early. Additionally, if you decide you can no longer afford the property, we will not make a negative entry to the credit bureaus (given we receive written termination within a reasonable time frame)- meaning no fear of collections! 


Due to regulations, we cannot allow individuals to live on the land until the property is legally recorded in your name. We ask that improvements are not made on the property without written permission from the financier of the loan. 

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1. Make your initial investment ( A one-time $250legal/documents fee).

Once you have secured your land for the predetermined down payment, Tropical Parcels, LLC will draft up the paperwork. This will include the purchase agreement, and for cash sales, the deed. The documents will then be sent to you to sign. This can be done either via E-signature, fax, or snail mail.

2. Sign the documents & notarize the deed

For cash sales, once the documents are fully signed,  we will get the deed notarized and will send proof of notarization (i.e photos or videos).

*For terms sales, the deed will be notarized and sent to you upon completion of the terms deal.

3. Payment

Once notarized, terms sales will be set up with monthly payments via ACH. For cash sales, once funds are received, an electronic and physical closing packet will be sent, with the notarized deed sent via priority mail.

4. Tell everyone that you are a landowner!

Now that the land is yours, you have endless opportunities. Better yet, refer your friends and family to get discounts on future properties.

5. We also offer a $250 referral fee to any person you send to buy land from Tropical Parcels.

If they buy- We will send you $250 CASH!

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